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Configure your very own bespoke garden room, office or shed. Then download full step by step instructions which include a list of all the materials and tools you'll need to build it and the best places to buy them.

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Design in real time

You can really see your design come to life as all changes preview in real time. The cost of the materials also updates as you make any alterations.

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Show different layers

At the click of a button you can easily hide materials or entire sections of your building design. You can also visualise each step of the build so you know the exact order in which things needs to be done.

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Export into SketchUp

Export into SketchUp

Export your customised 3D model in dae format so it can be loaded into your modeling software like SketchUp

dae files are also known as COLLADA files or Digital Asset Exchange. They can be imported into most CAD software programs including Blender, Maya, 3ds Max, and Rhino

Cutting list

We generate a cutting list which shows the best way to cut your timber to minimise waste. The cutting list has all of the cuts including the framework, battons, sheet material, cladding and even insulation.

You can change the measurements to be shown in millimeters or inches.

It can also be used as a checklist for when purchasing the materials needed..

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Cutting list
Step by step instructions

Step by step instructions and drawings

Download and print custom PDF plans with a step by step construction guide explaining how to build your bespoke shed or home office.

The plans can also be viewed on your phone or iPad so you'll always have the instructions to hand.

These plans make it easy to design your own shed.

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That's right, DIY Sheds and VisualConfig won a DIY Week award for 2021

We've put loads of time into the site and happy we've managed to keep it FREE to use and it's great to get some recognition.

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AR preview

AR preview

View your design in augmented reality so you can see and walk around your garden room before it's built.

View this page on a mobile to see a sample.
View Sample Augmented Reality
View Sample Augmented Reality


When configuring your shed, garden room, outside bar or man cave plans, you can customise it to match your needs. Here are just a few of the settings you can change.







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  • Save Unlimited Variations
  • Real-time Configuration
  • Full Step-by-step Instructions
  • Material Cutting List
  • Downloadable 3D Models
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  • Integrate our enhanced configurator into your website
  • Customised library of styles and specifications
  • Dynamic pricing engine
  • Let customers design their own structures
  • Qualified customer lead capture

and much more ...