How to build your own small garden office

Even if you've got a small garden or outdoor space, we can still help you fit a garden office room into the smallest of gaps.

We've created some examples which include fully insulated, double glazed and secure offices with just enough space for a desk and chair. Perfect to get away from the hectic house while you're working.

You can use these as a starting point to view the sample 3D models, cutting lists and plans and then customise them before saving it to your own collection of plans.

Customised plans for small garden offices

Using our online software you can easily create plans to make a garden office that will fit exactly in any small space.

Starting with building the right base for a smaller footprint office, you can follow step by step instructions created for your measuremants.

The instructions also include details on fitting windows, doors, insulation and options all the way up to the roof.